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Since the start of Project Commerce's operations last June 1, we are very happy to announce that the number of people we are able to help have grown exponentially! We understand that errors and corrections are always normal for a business startup, but we give importance to the things we learn along the way! 

Because of that, we are happy to introduce our operation's new update, the OPC 2.0!

Operations Project Commerce 2.0 introduces new services for all new and existing partners!

With new methods of earning, and a more accessible way for all to bring products to the table! OPC 2.0 is a faster and more responsive organization that are happy to assist you across all your shops and business ideas, with a faster way to get your remittance so you can scale even better.

For information on the content of Project Commerce's updates, please visit us in: https://www.facebook.com/projcommerce


OPC 2.0 Update

Here we would like to introduce our new services and pricing schemes. This update also contains operational error fixes and improvements.

Note: All charges and will apply on the 1st of July.


  • While we are selling all our products, we are now also able to accept products from purchases outside Project Commerce.
  • Accepting of products from the outside is subjected to the Outside Order Fulfillment Agreement (OOFA) and are charged differently.
  • We have started OOFA for those who have connections to other suppliers and would like to use them to further save on profit. 
  • All products purchased directly from Project Commerce are going to be referred by "IN" and products purchased from the outside will be referred by "OUT" in this update.
  • Warehouse fees - PHP 125.00 per week (Both IN and OUT products.)


  • Charges for IN products - PHP 50.00 per parcel
  • Charges for OUT products - PHP 100.00 per parcel
  • The Warehousing and Inventory Department will be giving a SKU number per every product that you will be selling. (Please ask for our Account Managers for assistance)
  • Sending of transmittal reports are should be done from 12:00 AM to 7:59 AM for us to be able to fulfill all your deliveries on the same day. 
  • Sending of transmittal reports later than 8:00 AM does not guarantee same day delivery, and might be delivered the following day. 


  • Starting on July 1, we are now able to provide all Statement of Accounts (SOA) every Tuesday or Wednesday weekly!
  • You are now able to choose if you would like to avail our weekly remittance! Our weekly remittance has a charge of 2% of your net profit.
  • If you wish to avail our weekly remittance, there are times when we are able to remit your profit twice (x2) a week. 
  • Remittances are usually given every month, but we would like to provide this to you so that you are able to scale faster!

Product Delivery Charges

  • Ordering of products are done from Saturday - Wednesday, weekly.
  • Last day of payment is every Wednesday - Thursday, weekly. (Please try to settle balance before Thursday, because this might cause a slight delay of delivery.)
  • Delivery charge from the Manila and Cainta storages to our main office / warehouse - PHP 780.00 per 1 Cubic Meter
  • Orders with more than one (1) Cubic Meter - PHP 100.00 per additional .5 Cubic Meter

Product Cost

  • Product prices are subject for minimal increase in order for us to provide the best quality possible.
  • This is due to supplier's limited supply, and high demand.

Product Sourcing

  • For products not available on Project Commerce's inventory, we are providing our Product Sourcing Services for all.
  • We will be searching for the best quality of your desired product from our international connections.
  • Once the products are found, we will be sending you a formal quotation with the price and delivery schedule of your desired product.
  • Product Sourcing Fee - PHP 200.00 per product 

Clothing Print-On-Demand and Wholesaling

  • You are now able to send your desired design and clothing to us at clothing.projectcommerce@gmail.com and we will be discussing pricing via Facebook Messenger, or any platform desired. 
  • Once we are able to determine pricing, we will be sending a formal quotation to you for your confirmation.
  • You are automatically enrolled to our dropshipping services right after. 


Questions? Please contact your designated Account Managers so we can address it immediately. 

Thanks and more power to you all! 


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