Bulletin Board - OPC 3.0 Update


Welcome to the much awaited OPC 3.0!

Operations Project Commerce 3.0 introduces new exciting updates for all the new and existing partners!

For information on the content of Project Commerce's updates, please visit us in: https://www.facebook.com/projcommerce 


OPC 3.0 Update

Here we would like to introduce our new promos, updates and schedules. This update also contains operational error fixes and improvements.

Note: All charges are applied today!

RTS Fee Promo

  • RTS Fees are waived for the next month, if you are able to make 100 successful purchases the month prior. 
  • Sample: 100 successful purchases this July - no RTS fee on August!
  • The RTS benefit is waived if the customer was not able to achieve 100 purchases.
  • All fulfilled parcels and dispatched deliveries are counted as a valid point.
  • Try pushing 100 successful purchases monthly! 😊

Project Commerce - Online Platform

  • We are excited to introduct to you all our new plaftorm, found on https://www.projcommerce.com/ (Note: It is on it's middle stages of programming!)
  • Here, you are able to see the status of all your sales and deliveries.
  • You are able to order products automatically to your inventory count.
  • You are able to log-in to your account so you can view your complete dropshipping business details!
  • We will be updating everyone once the system is now ready for use!
  • Open Beta Schedule - August 2020

    Purchasing Point System

    • You are now able to receive one (1) point for every PHP 50.00 value spent.
    • 1 point = PHP 1.00 convertible.
    • You can use your points to purchase new products, or to avail upcoming products and prizes! 

      Personalized Business Consultation Program - July and August

      • We will be scheduling a 1 on 1 Zoom meeting in order for us to check and assist you on your progress! 
      • Your Accounts Manager will be opening this to you for a schedule.
      • Want to schedule a meeting? Book a schedule and message us in https://www.facebook.com/projcommerce

      Startup Webinar Schedule


      Questions? Please contact your designated Account Managers so we can address it immediately. 

      Thanks and more power to you all! 


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