Frequently Asked Questions

Project eCommerce is a group of people who are experts in digital marketing, product research, logistics and supply.

We're here to help individuals who has dreams on creating their own feasible online store.

We are going to process all your customer's orders, deliver it to them, and remit the payment to your bank accounts!


1. Do I need to have my own products?

It is better for you to have your own products to sell, but it is not required. We have a big list of products on hand that you can sell, dropshipping style.

2. Do I need to create my own store?

Yes. But it's quite easy to create an online store in Shopify! 

We will sell thru Shopify, but the team will process the back-end delivery and storage.

3. How will I get my payment once there is an order?

We process COD payments, so the parcel must be delivered to the customer first. We will remit payment as per scheduled weekly.

4. Is there a capital required?

If you have your own products, you will have to cover for the cost first. After covering products, you will need to cover expenses for your own website domain and Shopify subscription. Don't worry, we'll assist you along the way!

Tip: for you to understand the business easier, please give yourself time to research first what you need to do to start e-commerce and dropshipping. Please understand the difference between the two, and good luck! 💯